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Dr. Amish Mehta completed his bright academic start with graduate degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Gujarat University with university rank and Gold medal in 1990. Holding on to his urge to specialize, he aquired the Master of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics from the same University with First University rank amongst all MDS COURSES in 1992. Along with his illustratious Practice, he also plunged in the public life of the dental world, true to and in pursuit to his desire to serve the society at large his profession in particular. He has held various posts in the local and state levels of the Indian Dental Association(IDA), that of the Secretary and President. At the National level of the IDA HEAD office, he has served in many key posts including the National VICE PRESIDENT. He is presently the fore runner amongst the aspirants for the Pinnacle post of the National President of the IDA HEAD OFFICE. He has also represented the IDA to the General Assembly of the World Dental Federation. Dr. Mehta is a prominent and key speaker in his field of orthodontics and dentistry, delivering ket note lectures at the local, state, inter state , National and Global platforms. The Fellowships and memberships of Premier international associations and organizations is the testimony of his contribution to the cause of Dentistry at the National and Global levels. Dr. Mehta pursues his personal passions of Amateur Monumental and Wildlife photography, and Environment Conservation, takinq time out from his hectic Professional life.

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What Is It?
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#CEREC makes dental replacemen #CEREC makes dental replacemen
#CEREC makes dental replacements now just a few hours job. Chandan Dental Pvt Ltd. Book an appointment, call: 1800 233 0001 (Mon-Sat, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
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In an open bite, both your jaws don’t meet perfectly leading to excessive difficulty in chewing. But you can easily change your smile status to a perfect one at Chandan Orthodontics. Book an appoint...
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